Sorry. All sales are final. No returns. All items are described as accurately and in as much detail as possible, one or more photos are included in each listing, and there is a contact link on each product page for the buyer to ask me any questions prior to purchase. That's more than enough information to make an informed buying decision. I absolutely do not accept returns due to buyer's remorse.
Try the CONTACT, ABOUT and TERMS links. Perhaps the information there will help.
Thanks but I don't need a kidney or any other organs. Besides I already have too much stuff.
It's cheap.
Thanks but I'm not a charity. I'd much rather you buy my stuff if you want to help.
You can but why not just give to some of your local animal rescues just in case I drop dead before you do.
My life coach and the sweetest cat ever.
Yes. They bring us such joy here on earth. Heaven wouldn't be heaven without them.
As of this writing, Pluto is designated as a dwarf planet.